The Cruising

       Black Widow

Sequel to “The Cruising Serial Killer”


Excerpts from the book


      Tess stripped off her cover-up and sat down on the empty recliner next to Burt.

      “I’m thinking I need to proceed as I planned,” he said. “I want to accomplish the identity change without leaving a trail. When I get the new documents, I could come back to Miami and get you. We could fly to the Bahamas and get a discrete charter from there back to Puerto Rico.”

      “See . . . you’re so much better at this part than I am. You would make a super partner for a hacking computer nerd. With the right fake I.D.’s we could tinkle the digits from almost anywhere in the world.”

      “And . . . you would promise not to push me out of the plane.”

      Tess laughed again.

      “At least, not without a parachute. . I’m a widow, but not a black widow . . . I don’t kill my lovers after sex.”

      “That sounds promising,” he said with a chuckle. “I mean the sex part.”

      She held up her glass and smiled.

      “You never know, do you?”


*   *   *


      “Are you familiar with an old Bahamian legend about the Black Widow?” Juan asked, as they drove toward the police station.

      “Don’t think so,” Tom replied.

      “The story has it that when a criminal appears, she changes from a spider into a beautiful woman and lures him into her trap.”

      Tom grinned.

      “We need a few of those in the U. S.”

      “It’s said that her venom is ten times stronger than a viper and the men never escape her trap.”

       “Well . . . we’ve had several men disappear in the last few months. They all had criminal histories.


*   *   *


      Tess felt she needed another drink to deal with the thought of finishing the cruise alone. She was standing by the recliner when Burt returned with her glass.

      “Thanks,” she said, “I’m having a battle with depression. This is ending too soon.”

      “Not ending,” he reminded her, “just interrupted.”

      “Okay . . . I’ll try to keep a positive attitude.”

      They walked down the one flight of stairs. Burt didn’t want to chance meeting Ken on the elevator.

      “I’m gonna shower,” he said, as they entered his suite, “then I’m gonna cheer you up.”

      “Go ahead . . . I’m going to need one, too. I feel salty all over.”

      “You’re gonna tingle all over when I get through with you.”

      “Promises, promises,” she said as he entered the bathroom.”



*   *   *



        “Just finished reading The Cruising Black Widow!  What a kicker ending!

Sure hope they make a movie out of these! If not a movie - how about a TV series??

Really think the cruising should continue with some of these interesting characters!

Not ready to disembark!”        Joan M  -  South Texas


       “I finished the “Cruising Black Widow” yesterday on my trip to Cleveland.  Good story and plenty juicy in some parts.  Great Stuff!!  Can’t wait for the movie.”       Jim C  -  Little Rock



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