Mystery on Elbow Cay

Sequel to “The Cruising Serial Killer” and “The Cruising Black Widow”


A  Recent Review

      I just finished reading your book, Mystery on Elbow Cay. What a great story and brilliantly told!

My imagination was running wild as each chapter unfolded only to take an unexpected turn and leave me wanting for more.    

                                          Well done once again!                        Jim C.  Little Rock


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Chapter One from the book


The Abacos, Bahamas

      George Harrison Thompson motored out of Hope Town harbor in his 19’ Albury boat loaded with SCUBA gear, a ball of twine, and his regular equipment. Once out of the harbor, he motored quickly down the coast and stopped about a hundred yards short of his destination, where he anchored his boat out of sight in a small cove.

      He thought the tide was finally low enough for him to explore an underwater cave he discovered while installing one of his lobster condos. After strapping the tank on, he donned the mask, utility belt, and flippers. He hooked the ball of twine to his belt and attached a waterproof flashlight.

      Easing into the water, he swam submerged toward the cave entrance. When he arrived, he took the ball of twine and tied the loose end to a heavy rock. He unrolled it as he entered the cave, knowing the twine would lead him out in case he got lost inside.

      He moved slowly, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dim light. The deeper he went, the darker it became, so he was forced to un-strap and use his flashlight. The ancient coral tunnel angled upward and after about forty feet, his head emerged in dank, musty smelling air, allowing him to close the SCUBA tank valve and breathe.

      After swimming about fifteen more feet with his head out of water, the tunnel ceiling opened up into a vertical shaft. By shining his light and treading water, he could see dark recesses in the sides of the shaft about six feet above his head.

      Shining his flashlight further up the shaft, he saw a wooden cover about fifteen feet up, but saw no handholds or other assists to enable climbing. After analyzing the situation, he determined that he would either have to find the wooden cover from on the surface or come back through the tunnel with a makeshift ladder.

      Bringing a ladder seemed less risky, since that process would be completely concealed from prying eyes. He visually measured the distance from the bottom of the tunnel to the recess and decided a ten-foot ladder would suffice. Further study, however, made him realize that, in a five-foot high tunnel, there was not enough room to stand the ladder up once he brought it here. It would have to be a folding ladder.

      Satisfied that he had identified all his needs, he donned his mask, opened the valve, and swam back out to his little boat. After timing his exit, he realized that he could hold his breath for that short trip and wouldn’t need all of that heavy SCUBA gear.

      George motored back to the Hope Town harbor where he turned in the SCUBA gear, then drove his four-wheeler home. He knew he had an old aluminum 20’ extension ladder in his shop and if he removed the lighter, 10’ top section, he could saw it in half. With good hinges attached, it should serve his needs perfectly.

      He planned to use his four-wheeler to stash the ladder at the cove where he moored the boat so he wouldn’t arouse suspicion carrying a ladder in his boat. No one would think twice, seeing him with a ladder on his four wheeler, since everybody knew he repaired satellite dishes.

      With his curiosity peaked, he was determined to discover the secret of the old tunnel.

*   *   *

In the book, you can follow the bizarre events that happen on Elbow Cay, a small island in the Abacos, all the way to Miami and beyond. Elbow Cay is located on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle where strange things happen. These happenings will make you question your understanding of history.


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