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            A Groundbreaking New Novel . . .
"The Secret DNA Code"
by Michael Don Fess

Reader Comment:    I just finished "The Secret DNA Code".  Brilliant!!   I had to just keep reading; couldn't put it down.         James C. in Little Rock


Fact #1: In August of 2012, a group of researchers at Harvard University succeeded in encoding the text of a 53,400 word book into DNA.

Fact #2:
In January 2013, a group of scientists in Europe used DNA's ability to code information and they were able to encode 739 kilobytes of information into DNA. They were then able to decode it back to its original form with a reported 100% accuracy. The information consisted of text files and audio files.

Fact #3: Some Archeologists, Physicists, and Astronomers theorize that the history of the universe is encoded in our DNA. Now that we know this technology is a reality, the theory becomes much more credible.

Comment: In this exciting mystery novel, two graduate students seek to decode that history and change the world as we know it. A true history of the universe could contradict many of the world's religions.
The FBI tries to protect them, but radical interests kill several people while trying to eliminate the grad students before they succeed in rewriting our history.

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Another  4 Star Review
   The Secret DNA Code by Michael Don Fess is a book that will make you really think and wonder if there is a possibility.
    Did it happen? Could it have happened? The concept is a very unique one, I have not heard of it before. It is that our planet history was written and stored in our DNA.
    The author includes a bit of intrigue concerning NSA, death threats and all of the US Government Big Brother trappings to help protect the Secret DNA Code.
    This book is easy to read and imagine keeping it very understandable. As you read, you'll find yourself becoming a part of the story. Will the question of aliens being here many years ago and put things in our DNA ever be answered? If we can prove it, what will happen?
    This book is written more for those who are 12 through adults . If you enjoy reading sci-fi, then this book is for you. It would make a great gift. It would also look good on your bookshelf or any library's bookshelf.
    I recommend this book to everyone. I look for more from Michael Don Fess.
Review on Amazon.com


Another REVIEW  -  4 Star on Amazon.com            "The Secret DNA Code"
    The basis of the book is:  What if our history was written and stored in our DNA?  A totally different idea.  It makes you stop and think, could this be possible and what good would come from it? The author gives you various characters from FBI agents, Saudi Attaches and Grad Students who are the main characters in t he book.
    The author wrote the book in a simple, easy way to read, taking the reader from one set to another set, almost like someone was reading it to you instead of you reading it.   
    One thing I liked was the time and geographical stamps that they author put on each section.  You knew where you were and when you were there.  This kept the story in a timely order.
    The book has a steady pace and really makes you stop and think about the DNA.
    The book includes the U.S. Government Big Brother that helps to protect he Secret DNA code, death threats, intrigue, suspense and so much more.
    If you like a steady paced SciFi read with all of the above, then get yourself a copy and read it.  It may make you wonder all about this DNA Code.


A FIVE STAR REVIEW from Goodreads         "The DNA Conspiracy"
   This book is very well written. It keeps the reader entertained while exploring a very scientific world. I found it very interesting, I really enjoyed that Mr. Fess is able to write so greatly. His characters are very pronounced and the story is very alluring.
   I think that he is a very strong author and I am very honored to have been asked to review it. I guarantee that if you read this book you will learn a ton of very fascinating things.
   There is a lot of science involved but there is also humor and mystery. I really enjoyed it.


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The Secret DNA Code
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      Having fun talking about the DNA novel at the Rotary Club of Fayetteville, Arkansas in January, 2015.

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