Her Two Week Cruise

            What happens when a woman reaches the breaking point and shoots her husband in a desperate panic to save her own life. You'll be surprised to know that she takes a two week cruise where the shocks only seem to get worse.
            Will she find true love and live happily ever after?


Miami 11:46  PM
      The roar of a sports car engine interrupted the quiet of a South Miami neighborhood in the middle of a balmy summer night. Car lights came on, piercing the darkness and illuminating the house and the closed garage door.
      Marta Rumanini, trembling in the driver's seat, gripped the steering wheel tight enough to strangle a snake. Any casual observer would probably assume that she was just a white knuckle driver.
      Her breath came in pants, as she backed the little car out of her driveway, barely missing their mailbox. After grinding the gears, shifting from reverse to first, she screeched tires as she drove the little car down the street and away from danger.
      Marta had just shot her drunken, abusive husband and wasn't sure he was dead.

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