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      He picked up the tray and led her onto the patio and pool deck. Over in the back corner of the yard was a large six-person spa with bubbles and churning water.

      As they walked over to the edge, Isaac touched a button and the lights dimmed.

      “These are my mood lights,” he said.

      “Okay, Interesting Isaac . . . turn around while I get in the water. This looks like fun.”

      Isaac turned around for a minute and said, “I’m coming in, ready or not.”

      “Wow, this is yummy,” she said, as he splashed in. “This is much better than an evening of writing out those dreary old reports.”

      His eyes sparkled as he held his glass up to hers and said, “You are making my day, you gorgeous thing.”

      “You’re certainly helping mine . . . this is living.”

      “Spas can be really sensual,” Isaac said, “if you know how to play the game.”

      “I’m not sure I know how to play . . . what are the rules?”

      “Well . . . first we have to eliminate distractions,” he said as he pulled a satin sleeping mask out of his toy box. “Try this on and see if it’s comfortable.”

      “Oooo . . . a little kinky,” she said as she tried it on. She sat a minute as the bubbles brushed her body.

      “Wow, this is sensual.”

      He reached over and began to massage her neck and shoulders.

      “Mmmm . . . that feels good.”

      “Have another sip,” he said as he placed her wine glass in her hand.

      “Wow, this is heavenly,” she said, handing him the empty glass.

      He continued to lightly massage her shoulders while he started nuzzling her neck.

      “Oooo . . . you are a devil in disguise.”

      He continued, allowing his right hand to slip down and caress her right breast. He was delighted to find the nipple erect and hard. She covered his hand with her own to stop the caressing.

      “Whoa, tiger . . . this is taking it a little fast.”

      “Of course,” he said, as he reached into his toy box for his fur-lined handcuffs. “We are ready for rule number two. We have to eliminate your inhibitions.”

      He snapped one on her right wrist and asked, “Does this feel comfortable?”

      Unable to see and feeling the soft bracelet, she said, “Sure . . . it’s soft and furry, but how does this accomplish anything?”

      He pulled her other hand behind her and snapped on the other cuff.

      “Now, how does that feel?”

      “You sneaky rascal . . . I don’t know if I like this.”

      He began to nuzzle her neck and fondle her breasts.

      “You have me at a disadvantage,” she said, breathlessly.

      “I know,” he said, between nibbles, “we’re eliminating your inhibitions and I do love playing with beautiful women.”

      “Hold on . . . you’re going too far, too fast,” she said, breathing heavily.

      “Just bear with me a minute . . . you’re going to love this,” he said as he moved to nuzzle her breasts.

      Kristine pulled her feet under her and suddenly stood up, taking Isaac by surprise. Since he was perched on his knees, he fell over backwards and came up sputtering.

      “Okay, interesting Isaac,” she said, when he looked up at her. “Enough is enough . . . you have a choice. Undo me and take me back to the motel or you will hear about this on the six o’clock evening news tomorrow.”

      He looked at her as she stood nude, still wearing the sleeping mask with her hands cuffed behind her back. This erotic scene was like a narcotic feeding his fantasy. He stood up and gently raised the mask so she could see.

      “Sit down a minute and let’s talk,” he ordered.

      She hesitated, then sat on the edge of the spa while he resumed his position in the spa.

      “You’re a beautiful woman and I know you’d be fun to play with,” he began. “I suspect, with your travels and the way you responded, you haven’t had a decent orgasm in months. Why don’t I give you a thousand dollars to stay the night and play with me. It would solve several needs, including your declining income.”

      Kristine’s expression said it all.

      “You would give me a thousand dollars?”

      He nodded.

      “All non-reportable cash,” he said.

      “Hmmm,” she said, thinking for a minute, “put the mask back on.”


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The Not-So-Little Rock

     Kinky erotic play drives this novel of intrigue, murder, and politics as a billionaire reveals his humble beginnings with the discovery of a not-so-little rock in Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds.

     Rich in history, the story includes the state’s financial difficulties during the 1930’s depression and North Little Rock’s famous “Old Mill,” was featured in the opening scene of “Gone With The Wind.”