“A Shaking Experience”

A Cruise Novel


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Based on an actual cruise to the

Panama Canal in 2017


A shaking cruise ship and a shaking earth make for an exciting adventure.


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Chapter One


He knew something was wrong . . . Wes Fournette awoke with a start. His bed was moving from side to side and it was vibrating like his massage chair at home. He knew the side to side rocking motion was caused by wind borne swells in the ocean, but the intense vibration was abnormal on a cruise ship of this size.

Now fully awake, he rubbed his eyes, trying to adjust to the semi-darkness in his vibrating stateroom. His first thought told him that something was wrong with the ship’s engine or a drive shaft bearing. Neither problem was a good thing for a cruise ship out in the Atlantic ocean with 3,000 passengers on board.


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The eBook is available at Smashwords, Amazon, etc.


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